Our Story

How an odd thought became common wisdom.

It was over four decades ago that the Reh-Fit Centre first opened its doors when a few bold doctors wondered if exercise might be good for their patients.

Our Story

It turns out those forward-thinking doctors were right. Exercise is good for all of us, and it’s one of the most important things we can do for our health.

A New Prescription for Health

Every day at the Reh-Fit Centre, we see the powerful effect that exercise and a healthy lifestyle can have on people of all ages. From boosting energy and losing weight to eliminating pain and reducing the use of medication, the Reh-Fit offers a new prescription for health that delivers lasting physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

We take a comprehensive approach – offering a wide array of programs and services to assist you in your journey – no matter your ability. You may choose to become a member or participate in hundreds of public fitness, education, culinary, and specialty programs.

The Reh-Fit Centre is more than a fitness centre. We provide an environment to help individuals achieve and maintain health and wellness. We offer individual and group options for exercise, nutrition, and education through a team of certified health and fitness professionals. Expert guidance from professional personnel, innovative health enhancement programs, and the integration of medical, rehabilitative, and fitness services all are delivered in a clean, service-oriented environment.

Medical Fitness Centre

The Reh-Fit has been recognized as a Canada’s first certified medical fitness facility by the Medical Fitness Association. The designation assures members and the community at large that the Reh-Fit meets the highest global standards for programs, staff, safety, and community service.

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40 Years of Innovation

Early 1970s

St. Boniface Hospital
25 sq ft Lab

The Reh-Fit Centre begins as a stress test lab with a treadmill that’s used to diagnose patients’ heart problems Word spreads that the key to recovery from heart problems is exercise -- not bed rest. Soon, the treadmill is going at all times as patients use it to exercise between stress tests. We need more room. 


Indoor Track / University of Manitoba

University of Manitoba offers the use of its track in the underground gym dubbed the Gritty Grotto. The spirit and camaraderie are great as Reh-Fit clients walk and run alongside students and athletes. But the facility is crowded. Again, we need more room.


40,320 sq ft Reh-Fit Centre / 1390 Taylor Avenue

With great ceremony, we move to the beautiful new facility where growing numbers of cardiac rehabilitation clients (aka ‘reh-fits’) and non-cardiac, health-seeking ‘pre-fits’ improve and maintain their health. Over 12 successful years, we outgrow the space.


Renovation / Reh-Fit Centre / 1390 Taylor Avenue

As interest in health and wellness grows, so does our number of programs and services. It’s clearly time to expand. A generous donation turns this vision into a reality.


86,000 sq ft  Reh-Fit Centre/ 1390 Taylor Avenue

The newly renovated and expanded Reh-Fit Centre opens its doors with more for Manitobans, including a welcoming new entrance, a roomier exercise area, and more space for public education and group fitness classes. The improvements spark years of steady growth in membership. As Manitobans embrace the new space and Manitoba health care undergoes major changes, it’s time for more again - to grow from a centre into a campus.


Certification as Medical Fitness Facility

In June 2012, the Reh-Fit Centre was certified as Canada’s first medical fitness facility. This certification, presented by the Medical Fitness Association is earned, not awarded. It places Reh-Fit in the ranks of an elite few certified medical fitness associations around the world. 


Reh-Fit Health & Wellness Campus / 1390 Taylor Avenue

The reality of a campus is around the corner as Reh-Fit continues to push for more. Building more space, delivering more programs, more people, and keeping more Manitobans out of hospital and on the life long path to health and wellness.